The Authors Speak...

What a lucky author I was when George Guidall performed my second novel, I Know This Much Is True. Guidall understood and became my characters: a man suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, his resentful yet faithful twin brother, a wise Indian psychotherapist, an arrogant Sicilian immigrant speaking from the grave. Guidall’s interpretations were nuanced, humane, knowing, and pitch-perfect. When I completed The Hour I First Believed, I insisted that only George Guidall should perform the audio. Guidall’s are not so much narrations as bravura performances.  – Wally Lamb

Of all the narrators of my audiobooks, my fans comment the most about George Guidall. He has that unerring combination of a voice that draws people in, yet also hangs them on the edge of their seats.
– Jodi Picoult

George Guidall’s insights into character portrayal are preternatural. His instincts for pacing are the best bar none. When I listen to George read my work, I listen to the voice that was inside my head when I wrote the words. It’s a joy, an honor, and uncanny to have him as the interpreter of my books.
– David Robbins

With his rough-textured, everyman’s voice, George Guidall brings a unique flavor to each of the many books he performs. I treasure the way he’s brought some of my favorite stories–including my own–to full brilliance. He creates audio characters that stand out and take on a life of their own.
– Stephen King

Nobody comes close to you. The natural warmth and resonance and tension and maturity and authority in your voice elevate everything you narrate. That’s certainly true with my novel which sounded much richer in your voice than it ever did in my mind. Thanks.
– Stephen Harrigan

The Fans Respond...

Thank you for your superb reading of I Know This Much to be True by Wally Lamb! Your careful reading, enthusiasm, and use of different voices was exceptional. Your attention to your craft made listening to an exceptional book even more of a pleasure.

– P.H., Far Hills, NJ

I have listened to many books narrated by George Guidall, who has always been one of my most favorite performers. However, in my opinion, his reading of Franzen’s The Corrections is a masterpiece! Mr. Guidall gives each character in the novel their own distinctive voice, a voice which also reflects each one’s interior life…Bravo!

– C.S.
, Bastrop, TX

…Mr. Guidall’s reading of Don Quixote shows his versatility, his class act at work,and his ability to carry the listener off into his story telling…I have tried to personally read this classic tale more than once without success–Mr. Guidall made it come alive for me at last and now it will always be mine.”

– T.P., 
Boerne, TX

…I have concluded that you are one of a mere handful of people whose unique talent has enriched my life beyond expectation. Presumably I am one of many. An art itself [audiobook narration], the medium and the message combine to equal more than their sum. My life is just simply better for the experience and my gratitude is boundless.

– J.M
., Richmond, VA

George Guidall is the best reader I have ever heard… his style, inflection, story-telling ability, and voice put an incredibly powerful tone in every story he reads. He has become my favorite, and I now even choose audio books just because he is the reader.
– G. G., Elkridge, MD

…keep pumping George Guidall full of vitamins. He’s the most talented reader I have ever come across!

– H.W. 
Sheboygen Falls, WI

I had the great pleasure of hearing you and seeing you in Las Vegas the other day. (I’m the Alan Furst fan.) I can’t recall a more valuable, interesting, and effective presentation by anyone. Thank you so much.

– L.D., 
Hollywood, CA

I wrote previously about how I LOVE all of your audiobooks, you have the most versatile smoothest voice! I just wanted to thank you for the recent audiobooks from my favourite authors: Craig Johnson, Alex Berenson and Arnaldur Ingriosan-my favourite) I am unable to read anymore but listening to these stories brings all the characters and surroundings to life. It felt like Christmas when I recently discovered these audiobooks!
You are the BEST thank you so much.

– Cristi

I began listening to audio books about 20 years ago to give me piece of mind while driving through Los Angeles traffic. I cannot count the number of books I have listened to over the years, but I am always delighted when I hear your voice as I start a book. Of course, there are many brilliant audiobook narrators, but of them all you are my favorite. I can always rely on you to get the proper nuance and voice inflections to make listening easier and more enjoyable. You are remarkably talented and I wanted to thank you for the many hours of pleasure you have given me.
– J.H., Pasadena, CA

Librarians Respond...

On June 1, 2018, George Guidall presented “The Art & Artifice of Audiobook Narration” at Patten Free Library in Bath, Maine.  Some people drove more than an hour to meet their favorite narrator. George’s talk was highly instructive, and humorous, especially when he shared feedback from some of his listeners. I had no idea how much time and preparation went on behind the scenes to produce an audiobook. It was like listening to a magician share his secrets. George truly is an artist and a credit to his profession. There is a reason why he was named one of the original “Golden Voices” in the audiobook industry.

I highly recommend George as a library speaker. You will not be disappointed!

Leslie Mortimer
Adult Services Manager
Patten Free Library
Bath, ME

Our program, featuring Mr. George Guidall, was one of the most highly anticipated and well-received programs that I have ever planned. George Guidall is a wonderful, compassionate individual that captivated everyone around him the minute he entered the library. People from miles around came to see him that Sunday afternoon. His wit, charm, and humor, combined with his magical talent are the reasons he is loved by so many… His presentation exceeded everyone’s expectations!

Julie Brink
Hershey Public Library
Hershey, PA

Redding, CT fans have long been asking or you to come speak, and you did not disappoint. The large multi-generational crowd who had the wonderful shared experience of hearing you is still buzzing. One woman of a certain age told me she could listen to your voice all day and never grow tired lf it… Your presentation was at times humorous, and your readings were very moving. I’ve been privileged to hear other audiobook narrators speak about their art, but yours was by far the most engaging talk.

Beth Dominianni
Library Director
Mark Twain Library
Redding, CT

Just a note of appreciation for your moving and hilarious reading at the library. As you observed, we had almost too large a crowd, and everything I heard from them was positive, with one longtime member declaring it the best program we’ve had.

Sara Holliday
Events Coordinator
New York Society Library
New York, NY

I cannot praise George Guidall’s program highly enough. He was a guest at the Williamsburg Regional Library. We feel fortunate to have hosted a first-rate narrator with such appreciation of his listeners and enthusiasm for his craft. The audience, excited to meet a “celebrity” narrator, got an inside look at the mechanics and philosophy of audiobook narration and were regaled with sample readings. Attendees had ample to time to pose questions to Mr. Guidall and to express appreciation of his work, and Mr. Guidall graciously responded to all questions and comments. Several attendees later expressed their appreciation to the library for hosting the event. I recommend the program to any library where audiobooks are popular.

Avery Hicks
Reference Librarian
Williamsburg Regional Library
Williamsburg, VA

I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful visit at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library. Your many fans are still enthusiastically proclaiming how much they enjoyed your presentation. Giving your listeners an inside glimpse into the inner workings of the audiotaping experience was so interesting and very informative… I felt we could have gone on listening to you all day and never noticed the time passing.

Caryl Mobley
Arlington Heights Library
Arlington Heights, IL

As a director of a public library, it is funny, but I’ve never had such a reaction to a visiting dignitary as we did with George Guidall! Patrons who were familiar with him were excited that they would be able to put a face and personality to the voice that they so often listen to. His candid presentation did not disappoint, not did the opportunity to shake his hand and get a photo.

Mary Barna
Valley Community Library
Peckville, PA

From the moment he took the stage, George Guidall engaged the audience with his anecdotes and readings. His marvelous voice is matched by an equally delightful personality and a charming presence, and he quickly developed a lively dialogue with those in attendance. We had a great turnout and a positive response from the audiobook listeners in Lackawanna County.

Mary O. Garm
Lackawanna County Library System
Scranton, PA

After more than 30 years in public libraries, I thought I’d seen all the best of adult programming. I am happy to say I was wrong. George Guidall spoke at our library, on a Sunday afternoon, and presented a program that exceeded all my expectations.

By turns funny, theatrical, and informative, Mr Guidall provided a glimpse into the exclusive world of recorded books. Within minutes of his presentation, I thoroughly understood why he is the standard against which all other readers are compared. I can’t remember offering our patrons an adult program that was such a universal, resounding hit.

Nancy Hammeke Marshall
Abington Free Public Library
Abington, PA