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New and Noteworthy Narrations from George Guidall

Don’t miss these wonderful new audiobooks narrated by George Guidall!
Mother City by Starner Jones
Cape Town is an unlikely setting for Islamic terror, but in Bo-Kaap, danger lurks at every turn, even in unexpected places, and unilateral actions beyond state control may indeed constitute the most effective way to protect the West. Download from
Welcome to Putingrad by Fred Sedelmayer
A unique glimpse into Vladimir Putin’s Russia and a compelling and true story replete with realpolitik, Read more…

George Guidall Featured in The New York Times

Why George Guidall Is the Undisputed King of Audiobooks
By AIMEE LEE BALL | AUG. 17, 2017
Early in his career as a narrator of audiobooks, George Guidall received a note from a truck driver in Montana. The man had been so absorbed in listening to Mr. Guidall’s eloquent recording of “Crime and Punishment” that he drove off the road. He was writing from his hospital bed to thank Mr. Guidall because he now had time to finish listening to the book. Read more…

Author Wally Lamb and Guidall in Conversation

Presented by
Author Wally Lamb and narrator George Guidall discuss their love of storytelling and the special collaboration between two artists dedicated to their craft with a deep respect for one another. Wally Lamb’s 6th novel, I’ll Take You There, is his third to be read by George Guidall. Now available on Read more…

The Prisoner by Alex Berenson–a riveting read.

I just finished recording The Prisoner by Alex Berenson. Berenson’s incredible. When I’m set to begin one of his thrillers with his hero, John Wells (my avatar), it’s similar to carefully going far out to catch a wave that you know is coming. You see it, the energy, the promise of a ride like no other, and I just relax and let it take me through the roiling currents in the surf of today’s terror-laden news until I’m home. Read more…

My Life as a Literary Hermit Crab

(Some musings about my typical day)
It’s morning. I just grabbed a seat on the 10:50 morning commute to Grand Central Station on the way to work. I don’t really see the people sitting next to me. My arm knows to extend itself, ticket clutched a little too tightly in my hand. The conductor is there, a sour look on his face as he waits to punch my ticket. He pulls the ticket from my fingers, Read more…